Commercial Accounts

So you own a company or work in the HR or Safety department in your company and don’t have time to focus on what you are doing because you feel that all of your time is spent dealing with employees shoes. They want to know if it is time to get another pair, or maybe they want to know how much they have left for the year. Maybe they aren’t happy with what they have… Bet you’re starting to feel like you work for your shoe provider instead of your actual boss! We can help!

Let Footwear Plus take over the burden and you can get back to doing what is really important! We have the experience to keep your employees happy and informed on what their current status is in your program.

Give us a call, let us tell you how easy it can be! Then go to the break room with a smile on your face and grab a cup of coffee because your life just got easier!

Contact our industrial account specialist Lisa Rogers at 336-504-0043

Or email at and she will set up an appointment or phone call and show how Footwear Plus next level service can work for you, not the other way around.