The old saying goes: History repeats itself. We sure hope it does!!! Footwear Plus has been offering great service and great products for over 73 years now.

Started in 1946 by C.W. Chambers Sr. the company has been anything but normal since its beginning. Most companies start with a business plan and lots of details and years of research but not us!!!

Footwear Plus was started with $300 won in a poker game on a troop ship sailing through a hurricane! When C.W. returned from Germany he started a small general store where he and his wife Mary (my Mom and Dad) worked for the next 58 years, raised 5 kids and enjoyed life in a small community. They both worked hard and one time were both doing three separate jobs! They would work third shift in a local textile mill, farmed and ran a country store. When we say we know work, we can back it up!

In 2001, we started taking our business on the road working with local companies using mobile sales units. We learned from experience that companies like their employees are different with unique needs and specifications and that a cookie cutter mentality won’t work. We treat each company as a unique customer and we work hard to find out what each company needs and how we can make the program directors’ job and life easier.

So what does the present offer and the future hold?

We are excited about our next level service program and think it holds great service for today and the future… Empowering employees to help with the shoe program, order online and check their status online. Giving your employee an experience more like what they are used to online while still providing our friendly knowledgeable service in the brick and mortar location or on our mobile sales units.

Let history keep repeating! Your company and yourself will be the winner!